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Frontals are an excellent way to finish a protective hairstyle. They cover from ear to ear (13" x 4"). Lace based frontals have the individual hair strands attached to them. They come with a free part, which means you have the freedom to rock and change your part whenever you feel. Middle or side part it doesn't matter. The translucent lace makes it easy to match any skin tone and more breathable for your natural hair. Don’t forget to purchase your Cheve Platinum body wave bundles to go with your body wave hair texture frontal!

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  • Diamond grade 10A 100% Virgin luxurious hair
  • One donor with one directional cuticle 
  • 1B Natural black
  • Minimal shedding or tangling
  • Versatility and flexibility in styling
  • Can be colored, cut, curled or flat ironed